4 Reasons Why Exposed Aggregate Concrete Is So Popular

When it comes to concrete finishes, it’s hard to beat exposed aggregate for popularity. This finish is a decorative style in which the crushed aggregate, or granular materials such as sand and gravel, are exposed in lieu of the smooth finish of brushed concrete.

Why do many homeowners choose this style for their outdoor spaces? Here are four reasons.

1. Durable Finish

Exposed aggregate has a textured surface that does not show wear and tear as easily as smooth concrete. High-traffic areas such as driveways, patios and sidewalks are ideal surfaces for this finish. It also resists harsh weather conditions.

2. Attractive Design

A concrete professional can customize an exposed aggregate finish according to the materials used in the concrete. Your color and texture options are nearly limitless.

One way to customize your finish is with surface dressing. This finish uses a method in which crushed aggregate materials such as glass, shells or decorative gravel are added to fresh cement. Surface dressing is an attractive finish for patios and small walkways.

3. Less Costly Than Other Decorative Methods

It is relatively easy for concrete professionals to apply an exposed aggregate finish. The method uses fewer tools and materials than more complex finishes, yet it is attractive. In many cases, a few millimeters of the surface are washed away to expose the cement’s aggregates, making it practical even for large commercial projects.

4. Low Maintenance

Homeowners don’t need to put much effort into maintaining an exposed aggregate surface. Regular cleaning and occasional sealing keep this finish looking its best. You can sweep the surface or use a leaf blower to remove dirt. Deeper cleaning can be accomplished with a pressure washer and concrete-safe cleaners.

Ask your concrete professional about exposed aggregate options if you want an inexpensive, durable and attractive finish for your paved areas. Amazingly, something as simple as exposed crushed aggregate can be so attractive, but it’s a style that’s remained popular for decades and will last for many years to come.