Crushed Concrete: A Sustainable, Recycled Material

Prior to the 1970s, construction projects required heavily dipping into expensive resources from quarries, such as basalt, granite and limestone. As the industry continued to grow, so did the need for a cost-effective solution that was sustainable and met building requirements. Luckily, landfills and demolition sites offered the answer: crushed aggregate.

Decades of Recycling

While it took time for this development to emerge, it quickly became a go-to for builders. From old bricks to quarry materials, the only issue was size. Once it was discovered that the materials could be crushed and mixed with dust for binding, it set the path for continued innovation of the material. Eventually, crushed concrete was introduced into the mix. When considering the amount of new construction and demolition that happens, it means 40 years of recycling heavy, non-biodegradable materials.  

Benefits and Uses

Along with being made of recycled materials and conserving precious resources, crushed aggregate also reduces carbon emissions by minimizing the need for new concrete. The process used to create it has a much smaller impact on the environment. Besides the environmental bonuses, it is significantly cheaper than new materials while being just as durable. During the crushing process, it is screened for unwanted elements to ensure a high-quality, finished product. It is also a versatile option. There are numerous types to choose from that provide different elements, making some better for drainage while others may provide a smooth finish, less dust or a looser finish. For homeowners, it makes the perfect base for driveways, raised garden beds, walkways and retaining walls. In industrial settings, it is often used for embankments, parking lots, road construction repairs and more.

Crushed aggregate may have been around for decades, but it continues to be a high-demand product that can be used for various projects. Whether using as a sub-base or creating a path, a professional can help you pick the perfect type to use.