The Best Equipment For Aggregate Crushing

Aggregate is the bedrock for construction everywhere. Whether it’s a new highway or an apartment complex, a skyscraper or a shopping mall, the construction industry relies on aggregate to use as the foundations for any large project. When large rocks or slabs of compressed sediment are broken down into finer pieces, this is known as aggregate crushing, and you need heavy machinery to make it happen.

Dump Trucks

The majority of all aggregate is hauled by dump trucks. These massive vehicles can generally hold between 12 and 14 tons (24,000 to 28,000 pounds) of material each. Dump trucks transport aggregate to construction sites and haul raw material from a quarry to be refined.

Conveyor Belts

Long conveyor belts are versatile and integral to a quarry and aggregation site. Rather than moving rocks via wheeled vehicles, which can be time-consuming and less efficient, the material is loaded on a belt and transported long distances at a steady speed. The belt conveys the raw material being quarried from the dig site to the crushing machines. The conveyor belts allow operators to feed material into the crushing machines at a controlled pace to keep production moving steadily.

Impact Crushers

When a conveyor belt deposits stone into the impact crusher, internal rods spin rapidly and fling the seed against heavy metal plates. The impact breaks the stone or other material into smaller pieces, where it can be sieved through grates when it achieves the proper size.

Vibrating Screens

As the name implies, a vibrating screen is a metal mesh that vibrates at specific speeds to separate the aggregate into finer particles or different sizes for commercial use. Seed — the raw material, such as rock, coal, slag, or gravel — can be easily separated into different grades this way.

Other machinery, such as cone crushers, jaw crushers, and other heavy-duty machines, are utilized at an aggregate processing site, depending on the material being refined and for what purpose.