Which Septic System Is Right For Your Home?

Buying a home is an exciting event and involves a lot of big choices. One of those vital decisions new home buyers might overlook is which septic system is right for the property. The type of house you own will partially determine which septic system is best.

There are two main types of septic systems to choose between. The first is a traditional pipe and stone system, and the second is the Enviro-Septic® system. Both are solid choices and it depends on the house and your preferences as a homeowner.

So what are the differences? And which should you choose to have installed?

Traditional Or Enviro-Septic®?

A stone and pipe septic system is one of the most commonly used. It’s constructed from a base filter layer, with perforated steel pipes sandwiched between slabs of septic stone; a sealed cover tops it off. The system is basic and it works well. The septic tank can be placed almost anywhere, and the pipe feeds directly from the house to the tank. The simple setup and construction make it an affordable and safe option.

With the Enviro-Septic® system, a filtration process is built into the tubing. Enviro-Septic® utilizes long tubes lined with geotextile fabric that allows air to mix into the waste, resulting in a much better purification process. This system also requires less power than a traditional pipe and stone septic system, so the Enviro-Septic® — along with being smaller and space-saving — will pay for itself over time and offers a more environmentally friendly cost to operate.

Either system can work for your home, and both meet residential requirements. Ultimately, your best option is to consult a contractor on which septic system is right for you.

A professional can outline the pros and cons of each option and install your septic system properly so you can enjoy your homeowning experience for years to come.