Who Are The Buyers of Quarry Products?

Although not considered a high-tech industry, quarry operations are indispensable for modern society. Let’s take a closer look. 

Quarries:  Great American Businesses

Quarries are a big business in the United States. There are over 3,000 active quarries across the fruited plain and they employ over 100,000 folks. They produce a wide range of rock and soft sediment products, including crushed stone, gravel, sand, earth aggregate, cobbles, and various types of uncrushed rock such as marble, slate, and granite.

Finding a Customers for Your Quarry Products

Quarries sell to a diverse set of customers, representing a whole host of industries and government entities. Quarry products are used in home building, concrete making, road and highway building, railroads, and even in cemeteries.

Here are the top customer bases for quarry products:

  • Federal, State, and Local Governments. Over half of all quarry sales in the United States is from various government agencies. They use quarry products to construct roads and buildings. 
  • Railroads. Al; that gravel that you see under the rails along train tracks is referred to as ‘ballast” by the rail companies. It is necessary to provide a level foundation for the rails as well as providing for proper runoff.
  • New Business Construction. The construction of office buildings, malls, and other non-residential buildings is big business. It uses a lot of products from quarry operations.
  • Residential Construction. New homes are sprouting up all over the country, especially as people move to more preferrable locations. Residential construction is a major user of sand, gravel, aggregate, and crushed stone.
  • Utility Companies. Utilities build and maintain great lengths of pipes. This infrastructure requires quite a bit of cement and gravel.

Quarry Products for Personal Use

Perhaps you need crushed stone, sand, or gravel, for projects around your home or property. Consider contacting a nearby quarry for these needs. Most quarries are happy to sell to individual customers as well as larger customer bases.