Top 3 Machines For Crushing Aggregate

The construction industry relies on aggregate, which is a mix of crushed gravel, sand, slag, and stone. Aggregate forms the base for industrial building foundations and residential houses alike. It’s a key component of constructing roads and highways. Aggregate crushing requires natural materials to create the final product, and heavy machinery is the only way to go.

1. Cone Crusher

Named for its cone-shaped design, this machine is a popular crusher because it relies on very few moving parts. That makes it easy to maintain, for maximum crushing power. The feed is poured into the top of the cone crusher, where the eccentrically gyrating mantel crushes the rocks into finer particles. The crushing chamber has an open side and a closed side. When feed is small enough to fit through the opening, it is filtered out, while bigger chunks of material continue to be refined until they can fit into the opening. The size of the opening can be adjusted to determine how granular the resulting feed will become.

2. Impact Crusher

This machine uses kinetic force by flinging rocks against heavy metal platting to break the rocks up into smaller and smaller bits. Rocks are fed into a chamber, where rotating metal polls propel the material into solid walls. The material can be refined into progressively finer grains by repeating the process and filtering out the crushed rock via screens and conveyor belts.

3. Jaw Crusher 

Though it sounds like a type of candy, the jaw crusher is a huge machine designed to press two heavy sheets of metal together, grinding down rock and other raw materials. Imagine chewing on granola, only on an industrial scale. The jaw crusher reduces large pieces of aggregate into a finer scale, then spits it out onto a conveyor belt for transport to the next machine.

Other heavy machinery, like dump trucks and cranes, are necessary to transport the aggregate. While the whole process is labor-intensive, crushing machines ensure the construction industry always gets the aggregate it needs.